Retreats are for autumn only. Groups may book a specified time to use the camp, and will be provided insurance and a supportive staff (if needed) during the group's stay. It is best for each group to provide their own food and staff. Cost is $5.00 per person, per day OR $200.00 per calendar day, whichever is more.

If you are wanting a dedicated week or a retreat, we book on a first come first serve basis- so make your reservation as soon as possible. Use our calendar page to see dates that are available. If there is a date you want to reserve, please call Stephen Brackeen at (704) 418-2127.

To register your group members for a retreat, our camp office will mail out forms you will need to fill out and turn in on arrival. If you plan on riding horses for your stay, each person will need to fill out a horse form whether or not they plan on riding.

**Retreat groups who would like to have horse rides during their stay will have to pay an addtional fee.

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