Harvest Time Bible Camp Guidelines

Camp Director

  • The camp director is to be regarded in all matters for use of Harvest Time Bible Camp.
  • The camp director should be informed of all events and happenings of campers and the camp ground. 
  • There should be an estimated number of campers given ahead of time, and once campers are settled in the camp director should be notified of any changes in arrival or position of campers and staff.


  • Each person on the camp grounds must be a registered guest (this includes counselors, speakers, and staff).
  • To register you must call the camp office or camp director.


  • The camp grounds and premises of Harvest Time Bible Camp should be kept clean and looking nice. This includes picking up all trash or paper from the grounds every day (by campers) if necessary. 


  • Please do not drive on the grass unless you are authorized to do so.
  • Week-long parking is available for buses and counselor cars, and is located on the hill by the three crosses.


  • Scheduled times for meals should be observed as close as possible by all church groups and campers. The kitchen staff works hard to prepare each meal for the scheduled time and number, so any changes should be given to the camp director with adequate time for preparation.
  • All paper supplies should be used sparingly. If you wish to get seconds you must save your plate.
  • In order to keep an efficient work area for the kitchen staff, only those working to prepare the meal should be in the kitchen area (behind the counter).
  • The kitchen and dining hall will be closed except for meal times (no late night snacking).
  • Ice is available in the kitchen for injuries.
  • Items beyond our regular menu should be purchased by the guest group and should be retrieved by the same.


  • The cabins should be kept clean and swept every day throughout the week, especially on Friday before the campers leave.
  • No one should be found on the roofs of any of the cabins or buildings.
  • Please do not allow campers to vandalize.


  • The restrooms should be kept clean and sanitary. Every morning as campers are cleaning their cabins they should also clean their bathroom.
  • There should be no goofing around in the restroom. Pranks in the restroom will not be tolerated.

Snack Shack

  • Candy and drinks are kept in the snack shack for purchase by campers. Campers can purchase a money card to buy snacks during free time.
  • Cards should be purchased at the beginning of the week during registration. Any unused money will be refunded to the camper at the end of the week.

Game Room

  • If the fans are on, one door MUST be open.
  • There should be a leader in the game room if there are campers using the facility.
  • Campers should not go into the storage closet for any reason. Staff members can supply the game room with more materials as needed.
  • The last person in the building should make sure all the doors are closed and the lights and fans are off.

The Craft Cabin

  • The craft cabin will be open during free time. An authorized staff member will be supervising during this time.
  • Some crafts include a small fee that may be charged on their snack shack card.


  • There should never be mixed swimming.
  • Ladies and girls are to wear one piece swim suits and EVERYONE is expected to be covered up when going to and from the pool.
  • There must be at least one adult at the pool for campers to swim.


  • A life preserver must be worn by anyone who uses any of the paddle boats.
  • Life preservers are to be stored by the lake.
  • An adult or counselor must be dock-side at all times while campers are boating.
  • Fishing is allowed but campers must wear the provided eye protection while fishing.


  • Hikes to the waterfall must be fully supervised by a sufficient number of adults.
  • Campers should not hike alone, and trails are off limits for campers without a supervising adult.


  • Horseback riding will be supervised by the camp director and/or his designee at all times.
  • The horses should not be bothered or picked at by campers at any time.
  • Only registered guests should be allowed to ride the horses. The proper paperwork must be filled out prior to riding.
  • Trail rides will be scheduled by the equine director, and only rides they supervise will be allowed.
  • Helmets will be provided to all riders and they are required to wear them for the entire duration of the ride.