Second, check out the calendar to see if the week you'd like to attend is available. 

During the summer, Junior weeks and Teen weeks are open on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you book your spot the better. If a specific week/weekend is empty on the calendar, that means no one has booked that spot yet. If a week/weekend has a church name, that means it is a dedicated week and only those whom that specific church brings may attend.

Third, Book your slot!

For summer camp, look at our calendar or contact Stephen Brackeen at (704-418-2127) to find out if the week/days you want are still available. If your desired time is available, you can click the "register now" button. 

The low fees of the camp are further made possible by volunteer work crews, which help in the spring and fall on Saturdays. If you or your group is interested in helping in any of these ways, please let us know by contacting the camp office or Bro. Stephen. You will need to fill out volunteer forms and set a date to come out and work, but we would love to have you! Thank you for your prayers and support!

*Additional information can be found here:

Please be sure to view this additional information, especially if you are new to the camp!

Looking to bring a group to camp? 

The first thing you need to do is choose what kind of stay you would like.

​​​1. Harvest Time Run Summer Week: Smaller church groups and individuals typically attend these weeks. Harvest Time staff run the camp program for the week, but group leaders are encouraged to stay the week to serve as cabin counselors. The fee per camper is $150, which also includes enough snack shack money for the week.

2. Dedicated Summer Week: These are weeks during the summer when a specific church or group (85+) gets exclusive use of the camp and runs their own camp program. Harvest Time provides support staff, food, and facilities. We encourage all groups to supply as many helpers as possible. Registration is $150 per person. 

3. Retreats during non-summer weeks: Visit our retreats page.

Group Leader Information